Electric Engine 1224

Our electric trackless engine 1224 is ready for your event. Book now or call us to get all of your questions answered.



Our electric trackless train engine 1224 is bright, colorful, fun, and always ready for a ride! With a full length of 26 feet and 3 fun boxcars, this small children’s train is configured to hold up to 24 children at a time. The width of each boxcar is 3 feet, and each car can hold either 8 children, or 4 children and 2 adults. Engine 1224 can be used either outside on a fairly flat paved surface, or on large dry surfaces inside! With it’s zero emissions electric engine, this party train is the perfect solution to your indoor family event needs!

For even more family fun, this train features the following:

  • Authentic sounding train whistle
  • Authentic sounding train bell
  • Complete sound system for Music (coming soon)
  • LED Strip lights in cars (coming soon)
  • Zero emissions
  • Fully background checked and insured train engineer and conductor staff


Additional Opportunities:

  • Trick or Treat Train (Upcharge $50)
  • Easter EGGspress (Upcharge $50)
  • Jingle Bell Junction (Upcharge $50)
  • Birthday Party Special (Upcharge $50)


RedSuit Railroad Extras (additional fees apply):

  • Train Station
  • Operating Railroad Crossing Sign
  • Red Suit Railroad Tokens
  • Red Suit Railroad Train Whistles


Our Electric Engine and its operator are ready for your birthday party or family event today! Click “Book Now” at the top of the page to reserve our party train.